Our adaptation process

The adaptation process consists of 5 stages to help you get started with adaptation, understand and assess the impacts of current and future climate change, identify and prioritise your adaptation options to address your key climate risks, help you implement your adaptation actions, evaluate them, and continuously monitor and review your work. It is also a guide to information, tools and resources.

Adaptation Scotland have developed a number of tools and resources to help you with each step.

These tools and resources can help you identify your organisation’s key climate risks, consider how you can improve your conversation on climate change, and support you to develop a climate change adaptation plan or strategy. This adaptation process has been developed to integrate these tools and resources, and support the needs of organisations, businesses and communities with the process of adapting to climate change.

Partnerships and collaborations

To achieve a Scotland that is more resilient to climate change we need to work together. No single organisation, business or community can adapt to climate change alone.

Adaptation Scotland is bringing together organisations, businesses and communities across Scotland to identify shared adaptation challenges and take forward opportunities to work together to adapt.

Your sector

There is no 'one size fits all' on adaptation and we encourage you to be creative in your use of our tools and resources. To make it easier to start you can select the sector which best describes your organisation and the content you see will be tailored to suit.

Tools and resources

The aim of most of our projects is to develop tools and resources other organisations can use to improve their resilience to a changing climate. They take the shape of downloadable templates, inspirational films, games and much more.